Set Decorators

A Set Decorator visually interprets the personality of a film from the script to the screen through set decoration by carefully deciphering the taste of the characters.

They procure, fabricate, layer, mix and match furniture, curtains, carpets, artwork, wallpaper, and other items that may express the characters and/or the plot. They also factor in the schedule and other practical considerations like lighting, stunts and visual effects.

Collaborating with the Director, and Director of Photography to decide the overall look and vision of the project. Set Decorators then work very close with the Production Designer to help achieve that vision physically through selective furnishings and set decor.

The Duties and responsibilities.

  • In charge of the procurement or fabrication, coordination and Inventory of all décor and decoration of all sets.
  • The Set Decorator uses the budget and delegates work to the set decoration team and completes each decorated set, camera-ready, before the shooting crew arrives.