Mablenhle Mdabe

First Name: Mbalenhle
Surname: Mdabe
Tax Number: 0198116311
ID Number: 9903150358089
UIF Number: N/A
Contact Number: 0612864432
Address: 8 Daisy Road, Welbedacht West, Chatsworth, 4092

1. Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Perfomance Studies and Media
2. BA Honors in Live Perfomance

Screen acting

Course Choices:
First Choice: Wardrobe Supervisor
Second Choice: Extras Coordinator

I am a graduate based in film. Getting more experience in the film field would strengthen my abilities, knowledge and experience. I seek to grow production wise and as an actor, therefore working closely with people who are experts in the film industry would be an honor for me.

As an actor who dreams of being a director in the near future, I also seek to understand the work behind the camera as I aim to produce a high standard work. Any form of work behind the camera will be highly appreciated.