Mawande Maja


  • Camera Assistant
    Sound Assistant

First Name : Mawande
Surname : Maja
Tax Number : 2994156178
ID Number : 9302096237087
UIF Number : U2994156178
Contact Number : 0618548584
Email :
Address : 17193 Ntshatshonga street, Philippi, Brown’s Farm, Cape Town
Postal Code : 7785

Qualifications :
National Diploma: Video Technology

Experience :
1. 2020: Craft, Video Montage, Director/Camera Operator/Lighting/Editor, DUT Student Production.
2. 2020: Serenity, Music Video, Director/Camera Operator/Lighting/Editor, DUT Student Production.
3. 2020: The Addict, Short Drama, Camera Operator/Lighting, DUT Student Production.
4. 2020: Unheard Cries, Short Drama, Camera Operator/Lighting, DUT Student Production.
5. 2019: Old B*tch, Music Video, Director/Lighting/Editor, DUT Student Production.
6. 2019: Unusual Jobs in Durban. Short Documentary, Director/Camera Operator/Lighting/Editor, DUT Student Productions.
7. 2019: Lawn Bawling, Outside Broadcasting, Director, DUT Student Production.
8. 2019: The Tune Zone, Studio Game Show, Directing/Set Design/Lighting, DUT Student Production.
9. 2018: Humans of Durban, Insert, Directing/Lighting/Camera Operator/Editing, DUT Student Productions.
10. 2018: Parking The Car, Short Drama, Camera Operator/Lighting, DUT Student production.

Course Choices :
First Choice : Camera Assistant
Second Choice : Sound Assistant

Motivation :
I have passed all my modules for ND: Video Technology apart from a WIL program, as a result, the Kwela Film Academy Internship opportunity as a Camera Assistant and Sound Assistant will provide an ideal starting point and first-hand professional experience towards my career growth.
My love for filmmaking started from the time I shot a music video using my smartphone, 7 years ago, and I never looked back since. I have the ability to communicate with others, work as a team for the best interest of the company and production, and also, have the knowledge required by the Director to adjust the lighting to achieve the best picture results.
I am equipped with a basic understanding of video terminology and able to operate the camera with precision.
I have an understanding of motion pictures, as well as keeping in mind, all backup devices in case a replacement is needed on set, furthermore, I am skilled in aspects of the film creation process starting from pre-production, settings to directing and editing.
I am in good health and physic, able to lift and move heavy camera equipment throughout a shoot.
With my passion, love, and loyalty for the film industry, I see myself as a voice for Africa and to break into the South African film industry through the initiative of Kwela Film Academy, which facilitates on set film skills, creativity, and on set technical discipline, also offering exposure and practical job film training so I can be a proficient filmmaker.
A meeting with the team face to face to explore more possibilities would be much appreciated.