Minenhle Nzama


  • Camera assistant
  • Location Manager

First Name : Minenhle
Surname : Nzama
Tax Number : 3721027179
ID Number : 9806216167081
UIF Number : 2262649/4
Contact Number : 0813974751
Email : kingnerd543@gmail.com
Address : Nqutshini Area 40211 PO Box Adams Mission
Postal Code : 4126

Qualifications :

Experience :
I have worked on a number of productions on campus mostly serving either as director, camera operator or editor . I did continuity for a short film called before 8am which was produced by dreamlab productions, the film was broadcast nationwide on the BET Channel. I recently worked on another short film for the 48hour short film challenge and was also in charge of continuity.

Course Choices :
First Choice : Camera Assistant
Second Choice : Location Manager

Motivation :
I’ve been in love with moving pictures ever since I set my eyes on Bomb productions’ Yizo Yizo, it taught me that South African stories can be told in an imaginative surreal style and yet still be impactful and rooted in truth.

I’m young, driven and filled with the desire to learn as much as I can in the film industry. I’ve spent the last two years doing a Diploma in video technology at Durban University Of Technology, an experience which has taught me a great deal when it comes to all stages of production. I have familiarized myself with a number of onset equipment for both on location and studio productions, although my exposure has been mostly limited to on campus productions I have also managed to shoot productions of my own outside of campus including traditional events/ceremonies. I did continuity for The Dream Lab’s before 8 am which aired on BET. My skill set is primarily shooting and editing although I’m also familiar with sound recording methods and have directed a number of on campus and personal projects.

I’m well aware of the hardships that come with being in the film/video industry but I’m willing to make those sacrifices and allow myself to learn. If there’s one important lesson I learned on a film set it’s that if everybody focuses on what they’re hired to do then the entire production is more likely to be a success. My primary goal at this point in time is to nurture my skills and grow
further and I believe kwela film academy has the the ability to facilitate that growth. I grew up on South African television, if anything I’m a by-product of the industry you have helped create.
My upbringing has taught me that nothing in this world is free, you can only earn your way up through shear hard work, Resilience, will power and a little bit of luck every now and again. I do hope you consider my application.