Mzwamadoda Mvimbeli


  • Wardrobe
  • Set Dressing

First Name : Mzwamadoda
Surname : Mvimbeli
ID Number : 9205255366086
UIF Number:
Contact Number : 27630264541
Email :

Qualifications :
Film and Television NQF 5 specialising in:
1. Scriptwriting
2. Directing
3. Editing
4. Camera operations

Marketing Management NGF 5 specialising in:
1. Advanced Sales
2. Marketing Communication
3. Marketing
4. Consumer behaviour

Experience :
I have worked as a sound boom swinger for 5 short films year 2019 outside of my requirements of NGF 4, in these films I got an opportunity to learn from an internationally known director, David Lister, who was the mentor for all 5 films in an NFVF funded initiative run by The Media Workshop. In my NQF 4 programme I participated in 2 term projects; a 3’00” behind-the-scene inset on some of the films and an Art Director in 2 P.S.A’s (Public Service Announcements) on absent father’s and tolerance for the LGBTQI+ Community. In my NQF 5 I have worked in a P.S.A as a producer and actor. Outside school I have worked in a short film called ‘A lifeless Sweet Dream’s a horror movie which I have worked as Art Director and Make-up artist the short film is found on YouTube. The second short film named ‘Phases’ is a short film based on a story of a trans woman who comes out telling her boyfriend during a Valentine’s day and ended up happy ending, I have worked as as location scouting, boom swinger and art director, wardrobe and make-up artists. The film is produced by me and my friend. The film is available in YouTube.

Course Choices :
First Choice : Wardrobe Supervisor
Second Choice : Set dressing

Motivation :
I am an interesting character, easy person, love and sense of belonging is one of the best things a value most in life. I would love to be given this opportunity to be part of the team, it means a lot to me as I will be learning From experienced team of creative which that will advance my skills and show my mother that actually I can make a good living as a film maker, this opportunity will help me to get the inside of what it takes to make a feature film, it will teach me multiple disciplines, it will teach me how to conduct myself in an environment I have experience before but in short films now this one is new to me and it will help me to learn. I know I will be a good contributor to this films, my love for art particularly dressing people I am so sure you will never regret it. I am not a perfect person I do mistakes in life and I am very open minded about them and what makes me take pride in my mistakes in life is how I get to be corrected and do better afterwards. My dreams are too big to take this opportunity for granted, I see myself I the next couple of years as an awards winner of Oscars, SAFTAS, to name but a few and work along big names in the field. This opportunity is a step forward towards that dream. So help me grow, help me make my first step to greater things in life, I want to make my mother very proud, I want to be somebody amongst people.