Reatile Ntsane


  • DIT
  • Production Coordinator

First Name: Reatile
Surname: Ntsane
Tax Number: 2146392184
ID Number: 970508539008
UIF Number : N/A
Contact Number: 0817650300
Address: 27 Toledo Avenue, Bulwer
Postal Code: 4001

Qualifications :
Final year Video Technology Student at Durban University Of Technology

Experience :
Student productions and low budgets films

Course Choices
First Choice: DIT
Second Choice: Production Coordinator

Motivation :

I am a final year video technology student looking for in-service training and I believe this is the perfect opportunity for me to get my career started. I thrive in environments where innovation and experimentation are encouraged and I love to explore new concepts. I am dependable and creative with a strong work ethic and an artistic eye, but also bring a fun-loving and enthusiastic attitude. I want young people all over Africa to believe they have stories worth telling.