Wandile Shinga


  • Camera Assistant
  • Sound Assistant

First Name : Wandile
Surname : Shinga
Tax Number : 2933417178
ID Number : 9906016250085
UIF Number : U2933417171
Contact Number : 066 293 7582 Phone call: 061 202 2152
Email : wandileshinga1999@gmail.com
Address : P.O Box 666, Entembisweni Area, Greytown
Postal Code : 3250

Qualifications :
2 and half years of Video Technology Studies pursued at DUT.

Experience :
I have written a couple of bad short films during my time at DUT. I produced a music montage and I attempted a fake documentary short film

Course Choices :
First Choice : Camera Assistant
Second Choice : Sound Assistant

Motivation :
In all honesty I feel like I don’t try hard enough in most of my pursuits in life. I’m not disciplined. I need order in my life. Its more than just an internship, its more than just picking up a camera and pointing it to something its about completely giving myself to something for the first time in my life. To surrender my will to something bigger than me. Film.

I want to be writer but right now I’m just a barista working 45 hours a week at Starbucks. The only thing I have going in my life. I’m about to break into the film industry and it would be an honor to be part of this team of strangers.